I think I’m going to shout again,

Or maybe I will cry,

While three annoying little shits,

Refuse to eat their pie.

I haven’t  baked in any carrot,

Or sneaky peas or beans,

Forget the goodness, just fill up,

Or else I’ll have to scream.

No don’t just eat the pastry bits,

You have to have some meat,

Come on you bogans have a bite,

And you might get a treat.

No don’t  you throw that fork away,

Or I will throw your train

And no you can’t have cheerios,

Don’t ask me that again.

Oh now you tell me that you think

My cooking tastes like arse

Well you know what? I hate that painting

You brought home from class.

And I will give you arse my friends,

With cold pig kidney stew

You’ll be begging for my pie

I am telling you.

You know what else? You’ll never grow,

You’ll always be that small,

You’ll never drive a tractor

Or dance in the town hall.

Oh please my darlings, I love you,

And I just want the best,

With empty tummies you might wake

And interrupt my rest.

Okay okay, I’ll take the pie

And chuck it in the bin.

Here have the fucking cheerios

I’m going to get a gin.

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8 replies

  1. For me it’s two little shits and one big one… love it though!

  2. I love it!!!!!!!

  3. OMG I am not alone….you crack me up! Thanks xx

  4. Been there, done that! But why does it follow all generations?

  5. OMG Meg you’re a kindred spirit!!! More please before we all go completely loopy!!!!!

  6. Laughed at this one – can relate to it all!


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