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MY READS By Maggie Mackellar

In which I note down some of the things I’m reading and why. Perhaps it will be of some interest to you dear readers of Megoracle. Rebecca Traister, “What Women Find in Friends That They May Not Get From Love”. Sunday Review NYT. Kinda obvious why I clicked on it. A nice read on the importance of female friendship. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/28/opinion/sunday/what-women-find-in-friends-that-they-may-not-get-from-love.html?_r=0 Freeman’s Arrival – specifically Anne Carson (perhaps my favourite writer, […]

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My 10 Favourite Novels

These are books that I feel a sense of ownership over because they are my dear friends. Meaning that if you disagree with me then say so at your own risk – criticizing these babies is like criticizing my babies (I’d listen with car-crash fascination but you may get a punch in the nose). Anyway, on with it: 1)Yep this has number one space because it is My Number One. […]

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A Motion for Browsing

I always have the urge to do poos when I’m in a book shop. Honestly, whenever I have trouble with the Big Jobs (which is pretty much every time I travel) I can just pop into a book shop and we’re in business. Only I need to ensure there’s an oval office very handy because it will happen very suddenly. Evidently this is not a phenomenon peculiar to me. Steve Vizad wrote in his memoir […]

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