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Why I’ve Been So Quiet…

Bear with me, this will take a bit of explaining. So about five years ago I was training for a half marathon. I didn’t enjoy this training one bit. I don’t like running at all and these days I only run if: 1) there’s an emergency, 2) I’m putting a cow back in or 3) the children want me to play monopoly. But I’d committed  to the fundraising event and […]

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MY READS By Maggie Mackellar

In which I note down some of the things I’m reading and why. Perhaps it will be of some interest to you dear readers of Megoracle. Rebecca Traister, “What Women Find in Friends That They May Not Get From Love”. Sunday Review NYT. Kinda obvious why I clicked on it. A nice read on the importance of female friendship. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/28/opinion/sunday/what-women-find-in-friends-that-they-may-not-get-from-love.html?_r=0 Freeman’s Arrival – specifically Anne Carson (perhaps my favourite writer, […]

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Ode to Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and I’m not in the schoolhouse. We’re crutching and shearing fat lambs this week, which means lots of cooking and fragmented time to write and no time to drive down the road to meet Meg and Kel for our weekly writing session. I hate how easily life crowds into my writing time. “Tuesdays” feel sacred, but too easily I can’t get there. Today is typical. Early this morning […]

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I’m posting this in Meg’s words but it’s actually Maggie’s words mostly…Here’s what she wrote on her facebook page:

“Dear peoples of the interwebs, a little story about friendship and words.

Meg and I met in January and did that thing you do when you meet someone you should have met way back and because of this odd feeling of lost time you talk to the point of rudeness to those all around because you have so much to catch up on and from this little meeting we thought we needed to see each other once a week and talk some more but perhaps mostly talk about writing, or not writing and perhaps read things to each other that we had written. And that was a really long sentence but that’s what happens when I see Meg, I talk in really long sentences and my brain does cartwheels, and then I met Meg’s friend Kel and my world got a little richer because she also needs to talk about writing and not writing and then because it was obviously meant to be, Father Terry said we three could meet every Tuesday in the Schoolhouse to write things, and now we have a key and we meet in a little house on a hill beside a cemetery and there’s views spilling every way and it’s my favourite day of the week and I’m sure we will produce much amazing work and even if it’s not amazing it will be drenched in laughter and friendship. Meg writes a blog (if you are Tasmanian you will probably all ready know it, but it’s been tarted up because she turned 40) – and there’s a new section called Tuesdays in the Schoolhouse and I’ll be writing a wee bit there too and you should all go and read because it’s real and funny and don’t you just love it when you meet the people you’re meant to meet?”

Maggie sums up what I have been trying to put into words (of course she did, she is an amazing writer, you have to read her books if you haven’t already done so), that every now and then the ducks line up and the stars align and luck blows your way on a fair wind and you meet some of the people in the world who were just meant to be your friends. And no one can stop talking because it’s important to know one another as soon as possible. And with every new bit of knowledge, your heart sings. Do you know that feeling? I hope so, because it’s absolutely bloody lovely.

We will all be very soon posting things on the “Tuesdays in the Schoolhouse” part of megoracle. I can’t wait.

Thank you May Gibbs.

May Gibbs.

NB I posted that picture because it is gorgeous and because it has three friends, luck and a fair wind. But we always wear clothes in the schoolhouse, I promise. Lots of clothes, it’s cold in there. We do frequent squats to keep warm (and a little bit fit). I feel like I’ve known Kel and Maggie since we were gumnut baby size with small pink bottoms though. I’m not interested in seeing their bottoms now of course. Although I’m sure they are lovely, especially after all the squats. I mean I love these women but not enough to want to see their bottoms, even if they do a lot of squats. Fitness squats not wee squats (although the schoolhouse loo is very low and demands a bit of semi-squatting). Am I digging a hole? A bottom hole? I’ll stop. Now.

Stay tuned for schoolhouse stories. x



HELLLLLLLLOOOOOO! Just popping in briefly to say that I’m neck deep in the new Megoracle and that soon this very page you are looking at will be pulled down altogether for a few days and then re-erected wearing a brand new get-up with all sorts of happy changes. In the meantime I have been working on a few other fun projects including rehearsing for THIS SHOW at which I will […]

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