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Today I had a moment. I was sitting at my daughter’s dance practice holding a balloon and a grass caterpillar and it dawned on me that (what feels like) just the other day I was sitting at the uni bar watching “Something For Kate” and holding a beer. And I thought, is watching only moderately rhythmic dance whilst holding a grass caterpillar really what I want to do with my […]

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Dear Father Christmas, So it’s been a long time since I asked you for anything. I think the last time would have been along the lines of a twirly curl Barbie and a broken arm please. (I was desperate for a broken arm, plaster and a sling for years on account of all the attention it would buy me. I know.) So I figure since it’s been that long and […]

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Since I wrote my self-indulgent grumbly piece on Pre-menstrual tension, a question has been uncomfortably niggling at me: If I didn’t have things so good, if life bumped me about and smacked me in the face a bit more instead of cushioning me so comfortably, would things like PMS even register on my stress scale? If I was raising my family in war torn Darfur where I’d been recently raped […]

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