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That Wednesday Night Feeling

School goes back tomorrow and I have a serious case of Sunday blues except on a Wednesday. I am grateful that they are back on a Thursday just for two days and then home again forĀ a long weekend. Nothing like easing one back into routine by stuffing up the routine after two days. I mean I can’t possibly pack lunches more than twice in a row just yet. I have […]

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So school’s back in tomorrow, which means that I might be able to keep my cool for longer than two days. Two days being about the longest time between some small person doing something to warrant an icy blast of my lost cool. I have spent the last bit of holidays covering and naming all the school books AND sewing name tags into the uniforms and MAN I am pleased […]

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There’s surely a lot of intelligent things to say about the love-hate relationship parents (ok, I) have with school holidays (re-named hollerdays on account of me having to be being a bit shouty at times – I know they say shouting is a no-no but seriously they’d never hear me above their racket if I didn’t shout). Anyway I’m not going to get all psychological about it, instead I’m going […]

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