In which I grumble and rumble in song form


Well hello there! I’ve been off on other novel planets for a short but intense while, and have emerged to discover that I am 44. FORTY-FOUR. That was the footy number of my first love. I was eighteen then, and from my devoted position on the boundary of freezing Launceston footy fields, the idea of actually being forty-four had not entered my consciousness. But here I am. Saying things like, […]

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I posted this song a while ago but then it disappeared. Maybe wordpress has some kind of moderation process in which crappy stuff gets ditched, or maybe there’s a ghostie in my laptop. Speaking of, I just that second splashed a large mouthful of wine on my keyboard, which may well contribute to misbehaving ghosties, disappearing posts and lost data. The wine is a little consolation-celebration for the beginning of the […]

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There’s a high probability that Megoracle is having a bit of an identity crisis. Perhaps this co-incides with me having a bit of a nearly-forty-not-knowing-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life crisis myself.

I’m a bit lost to be honest. I’m not grizzling about that though, nor am I sad. It’s not entirely comfortable but I have to feel lucky that I am in a position to have such a crisis and not forced by circumstance to crush my soul into an identity I don’t want. And maybe a discomfort zone is where good things happen. I’m lost in a good place, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be found.

But Megoracle is not really providing news with context or much of a brain reboot for anyone anymore. I fear it is fast turning into what I never wanted it to be – a navel gazing whinge portal. Everyone needs a bit of a grumble now and then but I would prefer it interspersed with something useful. Lately my grumbles and self-examination have been a bit dominant. I’m sick of my navel. Navel is a silly word. I prefer tummy button.

So I’m going to take some time to stop looking at my tummy button and have a good old look at the world and how I fit into it. Myself and my beloved megoracle a bit of a reinvention. A bit of new life. I’m making this sound all dramatic. It’s not. It just means that megoracle will go a bit quiet for a shortish time and sometime in the next little while will disappear from the interwebs altogether as the background refurbishments take place.

I am hopeful this won’t take too long; I will still annoy you on Facebook with updates on progress or other silly comments and I promise to return with an exciting new, true-to-self approach as soon as possible (i.e. when I’ve sorted out what all that might look like).

Here’s something that rings kind of true, perhaps it’s a good place to start:

It is a far, far better thing to have a firm anchor in nonsense than to put out on the troubled seas of thought.

-John Kenneth Galbraith

I’m not trying to be cryptic, just on the look out for signs (jeepers, at this rate Megoracle might return as a spiritual journal.)

Can I take this opportunity to thank all my beloved followers and supporters. I truly think you’re all brilliant and I will see you very soon. Please don’t leave me.

In the meantime, here’s a brand new song for you all, which is all about staying true to yourself even if yourself is a bit weary. It doesn’t have any rude words like fuck in it, in case they offend you. It does, however and of course, mention wees.

Love you all, see you soon. xxxxxx



The Business of Busyness

I’ve been really busy lately, I’m building a house, so yep, busy. Brain progress is brilliant on door furniture (knobs), painting, cornice etc, but current events extend as far as, “Cement truck visits Bream Creek”. So Megoracle is failing in its function of late. Sorry for that. But when I’m done I’ll publish a list of tips for home builders. It’ll be a biggie. Anyway, so in amongst the overwhelmed-ness […]

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For Mother’s Day this year my present was THREE DAYS OFF! IN THE BIG-SMOKE! Sorry for shouting but how there’s a city girl buried somewhere in this ol’ country wife and I was EXCITED!! You can tell by all the exclamation marks!  At last, my annual leave time, me time, mental health and breathe time. Last Friday morning, as  my four year old told me sternly not to go hunting […]

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I think I believe in re-incarnation. I’m not Buddhist or Hindu or Taoist; my theories are not so well formed or religion-rooted. It was always less a theory and more a distant sense that a consciousness/awareness doesn’t disappear when a person stops breathing. I know, I sound bonkers. I’ve tried to be all rational and make myself unbelieve it but the idea just kept popping up at random moments, sometimes […]

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There’s surely a lot of intelligent things to say about the love-hate relationship parents (ok, I) have with school holidays (re-named hollerdays on account of me having to be being a bit shouty at times – I know they say shouting is a no-no but seriously they’d never hear me above their racket if I didn’t shout). Anyway I’m not going to get all psychological about it, instead I’m going […]

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Pondering on: FRIENDS

As I continue my efforts to be festive about Christmas (I even made short bread today), I have decided to give my friends something other than a rude tee-towel or small useless dish. Or, as is more common these days, No Thing. Yep, I have decided to make them something, because everyone says home made presents are the best. And it’s more than just manufacturing Christmas cheer. This year, for […]

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Oh Just Go To Sleep

Here’s me whingeing again, after another sleep deprived night. I’m getting up into torture-should-be-dead-or-at-least-very-loopy figures now. I always dread bedtime because the children turn into sneaky little yoyos for the first half hour after lights out – up and down, up and down until I get nasty/pleady/bribey. And just when you think you’ve hit the sleeping-through trifecta perfecta, some stinking possum dares to breathe heavily near smallest’s window and send […]

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You know when something rude makes you laugh and you decide to share the humour and tell someone else except they don’t see the humour, they only see the rude and they don’t laugh? When your laughter is suppressed to embarrassed chortles and then peters out altogether, there’s just silence and in the silence your brain screams, “AWKWARD” and there’s just you left, looking like a weird kind of twisted lewd person that people […]

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