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School Holiday Highlights (and lowlights)

School holidays are not a great time for serious research or brain re-booting. As a result Megoracle has little to offer in the way of in-depth context reportage (I like reportage more than reporting, seems more important, like personage as opposed to person. When I grow up I want to be a personage). What a friend of mine observed about these holidays as they draw to a close is that […]

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A Short Brain Workout

WHAT IS MULESING? (other than a really clunky word) It is the slicing of skin from the arse (or breech in grazier speak) of sheep in an effort to reduce flystrike or myiasis (when pooey bums get flyblown). It is named after John Mules – who first developed the practice – and was first introduced in around 1930 when Merino wool production reached heady heights. The skilled surgical slicing (by a […]

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