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I used to know the ins and outs of the first world war, because Mrs Sullivan, my school history teacher told me all about it and had me write an essay about it. Now, while I still can associate stuff like Gallipoli and the Western Front and the trenches with WW1, I have forgotten all the important details, which makes me a bit of a wally during the minutes of […]

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A Million Stories

  Against the red of rising sun, A million stories, more Whisper to bring the years undone, Call back a dreadful underscore. ` Talk to me, I’m listening, Bring anger, tears and shame, Let your toils rise up and sing, Cry pain and shout your names. ` Today our peace is piercing, loud; Our comforts now abrasive As fury builds and sorrow shrouds For what you had to give. ` […]

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