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La La Laaaaaaa

I saw some teenagers being cruel to a woman in the street. They made horrible comments, laughed and jeered and then turned away without a second thought. She was middle aged, wearing a gold bomber jacket and her hair was a brilliant who-gives-a-fuck orange frizz. She was shorter than my ten year olds and her hands were clenched in little angry fists. But her face betrayed a dismay and embarrassment […]

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Sonia Kruger said it, we’re all afraid. There are really horrific, crappy things happening all over the world every day. Terrorism, domestic violence, brainwashing, racism, intolerance, animal cruelty, child neglect, elder abuse, sexism, Donald Trump. And so on. She also said some other stuff that I’m not going to repeat here because it is not kind, not kind at all. And kind is what we need to be. In fact […]

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And now for the good news…

Maybe the world mightn’t look so great sometimes; but you just have to look harder. There is always good news. Here’s some you might already know but which is such good news it’s worth mentioning again: 1) Someone has invented undies that filter fart smells. I know, this is the best news ever. My entire family need a pair each for car trips (except for me, my delicate bottom-wafts smell […]

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