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When you’re hanging hubby’s stubbies on the hills hoist and you hear, A distant kookaburra and the call of “Wanna beer?” When the neighbour starts the mower up and Dad says he needs the lav,  And the smell of barbied lamb chops blends with nanna’s berry pav. ~ When your heels crack after having thongs on all the summer long, And down the local pub  you’ll find there’s Ferret, Shaz […]

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A Short Brain Workout

WHAT IS MULESING? (other than a really clunky word) It is the slicing of skin from the arse (or breech in grazier speak) of sheep in an effort to reduce flystrike or myiasis (when pooey bums get flyblown). It is named after John Mules – who first developed the practice – and was first introduced in around 1930 when Merino wool production reached heady heights. The skilled surgical slicing (by a […]

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