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The Story That Didn’t Win

So I finally worked through my bitterness as not getting a mention in the Country Style short story competition for the fifth year running. I even entered two stories this year god dammit (okay maybe some of the bitter taste remains). But I hate a sore loser and I made myself buy the magazine with the winning story in it. I wanted the story to be silly or boring or […]

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WHEN THE MOON WAS LATE (A story by Bess, Lucie and Meg, Illustrated by Bess and Lucie)

One night, a long, long time ago, the moon didn’t rise. She was full fit to burst and bright enough to light every way, but still she didn’t rise. The masked owls shuffled in their nests, waiting to fly by the moon, but even by nine she was nowhere to be seen. The wombats peeked from their holes and grumpily snuffled in the dark earth, but still she didn’t rise. […]

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ASHES TO ASHES (A Small Piece of Fiction)

Wendy Prebble felt a waft of rising rebellion in the close air. In the spirit of it, she ignored the waving tomato tendrils and left the stakes in the shed. “Hooray, they’re sick of the sight of you, those poor tomatoes” she could hear Eric say from his chair by the back door. “Shoosh your mouth,” she scolded back. “You’re dead don’t you know.” She stomped toward the house, then […]

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