In which I try to be a filmstar

From me to you: “HORMONES, THE MUSICAL”

Here’s my surprise… SURPRISE! “Hormones, The Musical” – ¬†online and all yours my friends. You may have already seen it and are now feeling let down by the surprise after all my build up – sorry about that. I should have had a sub-surprise for you like a free copy of something profound or a picture of a bottom (not enough bottom pictures in the world I don’t think). But […]

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I made a little film a few years ago that means an awful lot to me. Before it was made I had been variously involved in many screen productions for around ten years – anything from TV commercials for sex shops and kid’s sports shows to mainstream soap operas and corporate audiovisuals for vegetable processors. I had crewed and acted in other people’s short films in the then weenie Tasmanian […]

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