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Oh come on menstruation, I know you’re on your way. Enough with all the bullshit No more warning signs okay? ~ I don’t need a goddamn pimple Or a dose of teary grumps, No more bloat or weird food cravings, No more headaches or boob lumps. ~ I know when you are coming – You don’t need to arrogate My life for weeks you nasty mole I mean I know the bloody date. ~ […]

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From me to you: “HORMONES, THE MUSICAL”

Here’s my surprise… SURPRISE! “Hormones, The Musical” –  online and all yours my friends. You may have already seen it and are now feeling let down by the surprise after all my build up – sorry about that. I should have had a sub-surprise for you like a free copy of something profound or a picture of a bottom (not enough bottom pictures in the world I don’t think). But […]

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Since I wrote my self-indulgent grumbly piece on Pre-menstrual tension, a question has been uncomfortably niggling at me: If I didn’t have things so good, if life bumped me about and smacked me in the face a bit more instead of cushioning me so comfortably, would things like PMS even register on my stress scale? If I was raising my family in war torn Darfur where I’d been recently raped […]

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