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Colour Me In

Will you colour me in, I feel a bit bland? Could you draw a big smile, Put a flower in my hand? Will you cover the tired You see in my eyes? Put some pink in my cheeks And some blue in my skies? I’d like a striped dress And a large yellow hat A polka dot purse And a fluffy white cat. Oh please colour me in, Your crayons […]

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Muuu-uuuuum? – Answer those questions.

Most of the time I just lose patience with relentless (and tricky) questions. Here is a sample (with my almost 2 year old): Me: Don’t touch, it’s hot. Lu: Why?  Me: Because it’s just been cooked? Lu: Why? Me: Because we can’t eat it raw. Lu: Why? Me: Because it would be bad for you. Lu: Why? Me: Because there are nasties in uncooked foods – bugs and stuff. Lu: […]

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