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So I was running with my dog the other day; just my usual Monday morning run. I pop my children on the school bus and set about trying not to look too gleefully free after a weekend of inevitably tiresome concentrated time of tying to keep children amused whilst getting the washing done close family time. I walk most of the way but usually can’t contain a bit of a gallop. Last Monday’s gallop […]

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I think I believe in re-incarnation. I’m not Buddhist or Hindu or Taoist; my theories are not so well formed or religion-rooted. It was always less a theory and more a distant sense that a consciousness/awareness doesn’t disappear when a person stops breathing. I know, I sound bonkers. I’ve tried to be all rational and make myself unbelieve it but the idea just kept popping up at random moments, sometimes […]

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You know when something rude makes you laugh and you decide to share the humour and tell someone else except they don’t see the humour, they only see the rude and they don’t laugh? When your laughter is suppressed to embarrassed chortles and then peters out altogether, there’s just silence and in the silence your brain screams, “AWKWARD” and there’s just you left, looking like a weird kind of twisted lewd person that people […]

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