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I posted this song a while ago but then it disappeared. Maybe wordpress has some kind of moderation process in which crappy stuff gets ditched, or maybe there’s a ghostie in my laptop. Speaking of, I just that second splashed a large mouthful of wine on my keyboard, which may well contribute to misbehaving ghosties, disappearing posts and lost data. The wine is a little consolation-celebration for the beginning of the […]

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Postcard from the South Pacific

Dear Everyone, I write to you from the Fiji Islands. I know. I’m a lucky bugger. I would say, “wish you were here” except that pretty much everyone appears to be here already. Which is great of course because we all want to holiday where the rest of Australia is holidaying, don’t we? Australians, in general, are such becoming and personable travel companions after all. Especially when there are buffets […]

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Super Loon

You know the holidays have been a bit shit when the highlight has been a trip to the dentist and by the end of week one you wish someone would send you to your room. Actually that’s not strictly true. The dentist was a highlight only because I managed to get the whole family seen to in one go and I could tick an overdue box. We had two lots of […]

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