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Everyone’s on about the announcement by our esteemed Prime Minister that his office will be resurrecting the honouring of pre-eminient Australians as Knights (sirs) and Dames. These awards were abolished almost 30 years ago by the Hawke Government and have sent cries of ‘out-dated, republican, archaic and arcane’ across all platforms of media – traditional and social. I am possibly going to make myself terribly unpopular but I can’t help […]

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Take a Stance On: (AUSTRALIA’s) CARBON TAX

So I know I’m a dumbo but what is carbon tax exactly, other than a tax on carbon? Rightio, well it’s a tax of $23 per tonne of carbon pollution that goes into the atmosphere, payable by Australia’s top 500 polluters (so no, farty old Gramps won’t have to cough up on his trouser coughs). It is designed to hurl in energy use, change attitudes and reward clean energy use such […]

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