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Julia Gillard’s Malaysia solution bill was passed in the lower house yesterday and is the subject of a highly emotional debate in the upper house of parliament today. This in response to ┬áthe death of 94 boat people on their way from Indonesia to Australia in the last week. I have written a full background to this previously so you can get the dummies guide here, but I have a […]

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Quick Q&A – Get Brainy in a Flash!

WHAT IS JIHAD? The “Greater Jihad” is the struggle to be a better person and a better Muslim to please Allah and to achieve an harmonious society. The “lesser Jihad” is Holy War when the faith is threatened. Jihad forms the basis of Al Qaeda ideology. WHO ARE THE TALIBAN? “Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement”. They ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001 when they were ousted by the US military […]

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