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Upside Down

One of my daughters has a thing for being upside down. She is often just a pair of feet on the headrest of the couch. If you say her name, the feet will jig about a bit but there’s not likely to be any further response. It’s as if she’s in her own upside down world. I just tried the upside down on the couch pose and it wasn’t unpleasant […]

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I’ve been in a semi-homesick state for a few months now, which is dumb, because I am home most of the time. But in what I guess is the pit of my stomach, mixing it up with various enzymes and comistibles, is a tightly tangled ball something I can best describe as homesickness. Or maybe wistfulness? Nostalgia? Homewistalgia? I don’t need a psychotherapist to tell me the reasons why – […]

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Hello! It’s me, bursting through the surface of a slightly murky pond and taking some deep, vital, life affirming breaths: Holy sweet moly it’s good to see you here on the lovely other side of a slightly traumatic, near drowning-in-chaos event. That sounds dramatic but when the contents of one’s house is being carted up the road by a booze of year twelve leavers in a cloud of dust, there […]

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