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The Songs of My Life

I was recently very honoured to be part of a new local radio series about the songs that shape our lives. I had to identify 3 songs that illustrate challenges or turning points or certain stages of my life. It was tricky narrowing it down to 3 (plus I was tempted to cool it up a little with something intelligent and obscure) but I managed it (without mentioning Wham, Bros […]

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Brush Up On: MUSIC

Well this could be committing blog suicide – I’m about to reveal my music tastes and possibly lose many of my followers (which are few and very hard won so it would be a shame), but it really is time for me to brush up on music – I’m still listening to Wham. I really am…“Another summer, another vacation is over…” And then, I had a dalliance with Damian Leith, because his […]

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I know it’s not a fashionable topic, but I’ve been thinking about it for 2 reasons: 1) I had my 20 year school reunion and let’s face it, I’m getting on. I mean Jesus died when he was about 30 and he always looked like an old man to me. 20 years since school? I still feel the same as that pimply teen trying to get out of economics. I […]

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