The Angry Song

Not so long ago, I posted a poem called “Eat Your Dinner”. I noted in my blog comments that sometimes I sing angry songs to the children at such times as they don’t eat their dinner. A few people commented that they’d like to hear an angry song. Well be careful what you wish for people because here it is (I’ll let the song speak for itself – there are more than enough words within it to make up a post – some of them potentially offensive so be careful who is in earshot)…

(For some reason this takes ages to load up on my computer. Sorry if this is happening at your end too, I have posted it to You Tube as well in case that loads up better. You can find it at:

Oh and a disclaimer: This project was my silly idea, schmicked up by the talented goodsport Dan Hack at Sticky Horse Studio and then dulled back down again by my dodgy video work.

And just so you know that I’m not all that bad (all the time) here are the slightly rude-ish words I say in front of or to my children: balls, bum, shut up, arse (accidentally and occasionally), bollocks, bull, cock (once), crap, knob, twat, biatch, WTF, butt hole, bugger and shite. I don’t say fuck, arsehole, bastard, shit or that C word that WordPress would probably kick my arse for if I said it whole. I promise.

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  1. Bloody sensational Meg! Loved it!

  2. Harriett facebooked me this link and my husband and I rolled around on the floor we were laughing so hard! It is so clever and perceptive……housewives of the world unite! Rx

  3. Love it! Just love it!

  4. Meg…thats awesome…I know a few mums who’ll love that…you are a very clever angry mum!! Great effort!! Stu

  5. Awesome Meg. We love it. Cheers Par and Jane,

  6. So true… I love …..

  7. Meg, this resonates so much with me. You are such a talent. I loved it.

  8. Great work Meg! The 50’s ‘perfect housewife’ thingy really does not work. We’ve all had many days like this!! You are a legend!!

  9. Gracefully angry!

  10. Hey Meg, think that is just genius! Love your blog too!!!!

  11. That is hilarious Meg! Love it! X

    • I needed to calm down just now after putting the children to bed! It involved a fair bit of yelling at children and only mild abuse at husband! With a glass of wine I watched your angry song……….surely the children wondered how the hell mummy could go from so angry to so happy and roaring with laughter in so few minutes! It is hilarious Meg, please write more. Ps. Think I taught you the trick for using torch light to find worms!!!!!

  12. Loved it – made me laugh and cry*.

    * True story but I am pregnant so probably a bit emotional anyway!

  13. You are one clever and talented young lady meg!

  14. Freaking hilarious. Love it.

  15. This has made my day, brilliant……..I would have posted this via my phone, but it seems to be missing! love it – Ness & Pagey x

  16. Coming back for a second listen as I was laughing too much to hear some of the words the first time! Oh and I had a little cry too! And I’m not pregnant… Well done Meg, very talented indeed :o). liesel x

  17. Hi Meg – you don’t know me, but will as of next week when you hit the Coast. I am a friend of Sarah’s. I swear I have not laughed (and cried at the same time) like that in a LONG time. Brilliant work. I am about to send it to my network, Deanna 🙂

  18. Meg, love the song, so real, and those with kids, mums or dads can take some “hey that happens to me too” away from it!!!

    Johnny F

  19. Love it well done and oh so true

  20. Clever wit that makes this mother feel just a little bit normal!
    Love it! Thanks Meg!

  21. Absolutely spectacular!! Haven’t heard such honesty coupled with humour in ages. Good luck in the competition, you deserve it……and yes I agree need to listen to it a few times to catch it all, very clever!

  22. Thank you!! You have made my Friday…..

  23. You are a very funny antsy-pants, Meg.
    In ’50s crinoline mode, I’m sure the pumpkin scones that emerge from your oven will rival anything that Flo Bjelke-Petersen ever produced, and will win the produce section at your next country bake-off!

  24. You took the words right out of my mouth! 🙂
    This definitely deserves an award!
    (A friend of Sarah’s xx)

  25. – agreat sense of deja vu Meg ! Even probably when I was looking after you !
    All mothers will relate to all those feelings. Very very clever and very very funny.
    Keep it up !
    Love from your fairy godmother in Italy

  26. Oh my gosh this is awesome. Have showed the whole family , we all haven’t laughed so much in ages. Mark and Daniel were very impressed with your singing, they think you should go on one of those musical talent search shows 🙂 your awesome 🙂 x

  27. Oh that is bloody brilliant. Us mums are really all the same aren’t we?! Solo relate to looking for myself down the ugh boot.
    Deliciously funny and Bert warming.
    Is it worth it? Hell to the yes.
    Thanks !

  28. Wow Meg- what a voice! Loved it.
    Your kids are lucky to have a mum like you-very gifted 🙂 Can’t wait to see more.

  29. You’re a star Meg! Loved it – very funny. But of course, I can’t relate at all to any of it….

  30. Meg I enjoyed your Angry Song so much…have shared it with all and sundry. My daughters particularly loved it and identified with it…I am going to post the link on my blog (– I hope this is OK with you?

  31. Thanks for this wonderful piece of art …. it is hilarious and warm and an echo of us all with small children with endless questions and imaginations….

  32. Oh my gosh, that has just validated my existence! Thank you, So funny and comforting at the same time …

  33. HI this is classic, can I repost on my soon to be launched girlpower website, also maybe I can play it at the next event!

  34. I loved this, can I repost on my soon to be launched blog?
    Also can I play it at my girlpower event?

  35. Exactly how I feel being a stay at home mama to a princess 3 yr old and a cheeky 2 yr old. And just how exactly did you get inside my head and steal my thoughts?? Bloody funny! You rock!

  36. Absolutely love it! Fabulous, well done!

  37. Absolute Gold! I am a mother of three, agree with every word, even the ‘f’ one ;). Genius

  38. My sister sent me this – how true it all is…thank heavens someone spoke, we too thought our lives were a joke.. but now we know it’s not the end – we really have just gone orund the bend!!

  39. Nice one Emily, we can all be loopy bonkers together.

  40. Well done!! This is so hilarious and universally true!

    (I know this as I have shared it with a bunch of expat mums here in Germany – and it resonated with them all. I may have had to explain to a few what a bogan is though… ;-))

  41. Meg,

    Ali and I met you at Alicia’s 40th and I have just had your song passed to me by coincidence…I loved it and I sure Ali will make it hear theme song I might even play it at our funeral….your very talented……amazing ..x

  42. Oh wow and HOW i’m in the middle of all of it right now in this amazing phase of life…..laughing and crying watching your wonderful video. thank you!!!! Really creative, brilliantly written, you clever mum you.

  43. Laughed so hard 😀 I needed that today!

  44. Brilliant!
    Great Blog.
    Your brain seems to be in great shape!

  45. Can I just say that this song deserves to go viral and you should be in a regular weekend newspaper column. Meg, its clever and its funny and it sounds beautiful. I have scanned your posts too, and I think what you are writing is great – its raw and honest and cheeky and just speaks to about a billion mums in the world I reckon. Keep going, and please make another song!

    • Oh Belinda I think that’s the nicest comment yet, thank you very much. It is a pretty strange thing tapping away on my own and sending things out into the ether without any knowledge of whether people will understand/like/hate/dismiss as weirdness…so it’s THE BEST to receive feedback like yours – partly what does indeed keep me going. I have completed a scratch recording on the next song so that’s on the way – I hope it won’t disappoint. Thanks again.

  46. Loved your song Meg. Here’s a companion song, not as authentic but more romantic.

  47. Loved your song, Meg. Here’s one that’s not as authentic but will add bit of romance to your day as a housewife

  48. Was it more tasteful? It sent me to sleep, like a lullaby. “The Housewife’s Day”, however professional, is not a companion song – who wants a companion that’s asleep on the job? By comparison, “The Angry Song” enlivens & amuses & enthralls AND makes one think!

  49. F***** hilarious, So on the money and I’m only a step mum!

  50. Once my child came home from school and told me they had a substitute teacher in the 6th grade physical education class. She said the teacher, while encouraging them to complete their run had used the “c” word. While I am a frequent user of salty language, that word hurled at young kids as encouragement to run seemed excessive. I was about to call the school when my daughter confided, I sometimes say “crap” too, but not AT people.

    • Oh Shawn that’s brilliant, thanks for sharing! My grandmother seems to think ‘crap’ is like saying ‘poo’, so she says to her carers, “I need a crap”. It’s hilarious coming from such a prim elderly lady. Wires crossed.

  51. AMAZING! Thank you from Hong Kong. This just made my day!

  52. OMG I just want to run to Tasmania to meet you! Thank you for putting my life to music! I loved every bit of that song. I have 4 children and I hate to tell you but the twins are 9 and STILL biting each other! Thanks for the smiles today. Hope you don’t mind but I’ve packed your song up and sent it off to Canada to entertain my sisters.
    PS I tried to start a Blog but didn’t get far. You have inspired me once again…

  53. Excellent. And thank God it’s not just me. I love you for making me laugh about the fact that I’m not the perfect mother I thought I’d be. Or the superstar something (never quite defined) that I once thought I’d be. But then I’m sure I never had the talent or determination you have. My blog lasted about three posts and I could never be bothered to learn to play the guitar that lived under my bed. And I identify with you but only have one to cope with. You’re a star. Please go viral.

  54. Thankyou for putting a smile on my face and making me laugh, from a mum of 4 young kids! You are fantastic x

  55. I was weep-snorting from various emotions through out this, you crack me up

  56. Awesome song. It’s like you have spent a week in my house watching me.

  57. Thanks Meg, I’m a new mum to a ten month old and feel guilty about wanting some me time, I feel so much better now. xx

  58. Don’t all babies say f#%*?, love it. Thanks for a dose of normality!

  59. It’s a piece of soggy cruskit, oh the baby just said “F#@k it” I’m the very definition of bad mum…

    Love it

  60. So bloody funny – thanks for the laughs!

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