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MY READS By Maggie Mackellar

In which I note down some of the things I’m reading and why. Perhaps it will be of some interest to you dear readers of Megoracle. Rebecca Traister, “What Women Find in Friends That They May Not Get From Love”. Sunday Review NYT. Kinda obvious why I clicked on it. A nice read on the importance of female friendship. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/28/opinion/sunday/what-women-find-in-friends-that-they-may-not-get-from-love.html?_r=0 Freeman’s Arrival – specifically Anne Carson (perhaps my favourite writer, […]

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I would like to share with you a little bit of magic. It’ll seem at first that there’s nothing magical in what I’m saying but bear with me… Going out on a school night for a wife and mother (or father and husband should he be the chief child wrangler) is not a simple task, particularly if you live out in the sticks and it’s a fair drive to the […]

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Ode to Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and I’m not in the schoolhouse. We’re crutching and shearing fat lambs this week, which means lots of cooking and fragmented time to write and no time to drive down the road to meet Meg and Kel for our weekly writing session. I hate how easily life crowds into my writing time. “Tuesdays” feel sacred, but too easily I can’t get there. Today is typical. Early this morning […]

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