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Catch Up On: WORLD NEWS – Part 2: The Islamic State

Here’s me with day 2 of Head out of Sand. I’m very tempted to pop it back in with this lot I tell you… THE ISLAMIC STATE GETS HIGH, MIGHTY AND VERY BLOODY SCARY This is the stuff of my nightmares – religion of the the extreme and brain washy kind leading people to think atrocities are warranted and that it’s them against the world. I don’t understand religion. I respect the beliefs […]

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(Megoracle’s First Post – insert stirring bugle music, or is it trumpet? Bugle is a funny word. Anyway…) As the last 33 Aussies are brought home from Iraq this week, it seems timely to catch up on the War in Iraq. It all ended officially with the withdrawal of the last US combat troops in August 2010.  Aussie combat troops left in 2009. These days, around 46,000 US troops are […]

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