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May Your New Year be Full Of Beans

When your New Year doesn’t get off to an altogether good start, I think it’s okay to try again on say about the tenth of January. That seems a reasonable frame of time to get settled into a new year. I mean, when we start a new job it takes at least a fortnight to hit your straps. And with New Year’s Eve being such a demanding temptress of a […]

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So this year was shaping up pretty well – I won $14 in lotto on New Year’s Day, I didn’t have a hangover, and I woke up with 6 dear friends in the house. We had breakfast together, which is a lovely way to spend the first day of the year. When they left, I found that they had left a pound of bacon, half a loaf of beloved white […]

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THINGS I LEARNT THIS YEAR (and a resounding happy new one)

Yesterday I learnt (from the discovery ranger at Mt Field National Park) that wombat poos is square so it doesn’t roll away when a wombat leaves their little pile (usually on top of a rock or stump) to mark their territory. Ain’t evolution amazing. Anti-roll poos. Maybe one day evolution will lead to anti-skid poos in humans. Then mothers wouldn’t have to clean the shitters all the bloody time. Or […]

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