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Samanta Shweblin is the writer of an acclaimed short novel called Distancia de Rescate, the translation of which (renamed Fever Dream) has recently been longlisted for the Booker. ‘Distancia de Rescate’ translates to ‘Rescue Distance’, a term Samanta invented to describe the variable safe distance between a mother and child. I haven’t read the book yet (I may not ever, it sounds terrifying) but I immediately identify with rescue distance. […]

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Stream of consciousness blog posts late on a Friday night after a trying week and two glasses of wine is a very dumb idea. But I have a bit of writer’s block on top of everything else that’s going on in my head and I feel like I just need to pour some stuff out in order to clear some space. So here we go… We’ve been unaccountably disconnected from […]

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Hey Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Muuuuuuuuum.

Here are three habits my children have got into that are quite adorable for the first little while, then really bloody annoying thereof: 1) Hey Mum, watch this.  It plays out like this:- I am in the middle of a very important and highly dangerous feat of brilliance (such as chopping an onion or catching up on Bachelor revelations) when 1 or 3 children arrive in the middle to shout: “Mum, […]

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