Ode To The Wind

Oh wind you noisy billow,
You good for nothing blust,
Roughing up my willows
Shushing birdsong with your gust.

You bugger up my roses,
You send our offspring wild,
You get right up our noses,
Like an irritating child.

Oh wind can you please quit,
Even though you dry my towels?
My eyes are full of grit
And my ears full of your howls.

Our farm is drying out,
The cows they have no grass,
So take your gales you hoodlum lout
And blow ‘em up your arse.


Categories: Stories & Poems

4 replies

  1. Brilliant! Over the gales. Seriously…

  2. Couldn’t agree more – though my gripe/anxiety focuses more on the to-be-mended-when-the-roofing-guy-is-finally-available loose guttering…

  3. Hahaaaa I agreeeeeee not about the cows of course …flipping wind makes me grumpy… love that Meggy

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