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I am sitting in my sitting room (as you do) in damp pyjamas. They are particularly damp about the breastage area so I look like I have leaking boobs. Their elastic has gone (pyjamas, not boobs…well, actually boobs to some degree) and I’ve had to pull them (pyjamas) right up to my tummy button and fold them over so they don’t fall off. I have two pimples and a shiny […]

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I’m sorry for being grumpy. Now I feel all lumpy In my throat with sobs, That heat my eyes and throb, Against my chest I hold, My tongue and I unfold, My arms to you, to mend But too late, you won’t bend. The evening now is ruined, And I see I am fluent, In the secret language Of  ‘tip him off the edge’. ~ Just know that nothing works […]

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