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Take a Stance on: An Australian Republic

Ah so the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting. I love a bit of good news. Sorry to hear that Kate is laid up with severe morning sickness (otherwise known as hyperemesis gravidarum otherwise known as spewing your guts up until you’re totally dehydrated). Morning sickness, for those who have not encountered it first hand, sucks large hairy balls. And what’s with the morning title? Mine would wake me […]

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A LETTER TO NAN CHAUNCY (Catch up on Indigenous reconciliation)

A note about Nan Chauncy: she was a Tasmanian author who wrote classics like “The Found a Cave”, “Devil’s Hill” and my favourite, “Tangara” – the story of Lexie, a white Australian who befriended an Aboriginal girl, Merinna. It was one of many Nan Chauncy publications that addressed Aboriginal issues. Nan Chauncy lived on a property named Chauncy Vale, near Baghdad, north of Hobart. She died in 1970.  Warning: The links […]

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