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A Catalogue of Horrendous and Terrifying Events

Dear Bogans Children, I’m writing this because I think we need a record of the horrendous things you had to endure in your childhood, the things that sent you reeling through the house in flails and wails of grief; the horrific events that had you bearing your teeth in retribution and declaring war on all and sundry; the terrible acts of violence inflicted on you that saw you collapse and […]

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Since I wrote my self-indulgent grumbly piece on Pre-menstrual tension, a question has been uncomfortably niggling at me: If I didn’t have things so good, if life bumped me about and smacked me in the face a bit more instead of cushioning me so comfortably, would things like PMS even register on my stress scale? If I was raising my family in war torn Darfur where I’d been recently raped […]

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