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Happy Mother’s Day

I am emerging momentarily from my sabbatical because today is a very important occasion, even though the original founder of Mother’s Day (American woman Anna Jarvis started it in honour of her mother) tried to have it rescinded when it got hijacked by capitalism and retail started abusing it for cheap gains (no one wants an evil landfilling silver balloon and some fake gerberas). Anyway, I do think that mothers […]

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For Mother’s Day this year my present was THREE DAYS OFF! IN THE BIG-SMOKE! Sorry for shouting but how there’s a city girl buried somewhere in this ol’ country wife and I was EXCITED!! You can tell by all the exclamation marks!  At last, my annual leave time, me time, mental health and breathe time. Last Friday morning, as  my four year old told me sternly not to go hunting […]

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