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Catch Up On: CANCER RESEARCH (Tasteless Song Alert)

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at a Breast Cancer Research fundraiser – a night out/auction/raffle for Tassie women called Breasts Out for Research.┬áThis event has been running for quite a few years now and has raised well over $100,000 for breast cancer research. Pretty impressive for little old Tassie. It is the brain child of breast cancer survivor Nicole Darcy, who says it is her strong […]

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The Angry Song

Not so long ago, I posted a poem called “Eat Your Dinner”. I noted in my blog comments that sometimes I sing angry songs to the children at such times as they don’t eat their dinner. A few people commented that they’d like to hear an angry song. Well be careful what you wish for people because here it is (I’ll let the song speak for itself – there are […]

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