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Sonia Kruger said it, we’re all afraid. There are really horrific, crappy things happening all over the world every day. Terrorism, domestic violence, brainwashing, racism, intolerance, animal cruelty, child neglect, elder abuse, sexism, Donald Trump. And so on. She also said some other stuff that I’m not going to repeat here because it is not kind, not kind at all. And kind is what we need to be. In fact […]

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Pondering On: CHRISTMAS

So Christmas isn’t my very favourite time of the year. I guess that was evident when I posted this song about this time last year. I know, I’m just an old humbug with no spirit (except a bit a gin and tonic on Christmas Day). It’s not that I don’t like my extended family – they’re lovely –¬†and I do enjoy the smell of Christmas lilies. I even have an […]

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