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School Holiday Highlights (and lowlights)

School holidays are not a great time for serious research or brain re-booting. As a result Megoracle has little to offer in the way of in-depth context reportage (I like reportage more than reporting, seems more important, like personage as opposed to person. When I grow up I want to be a personage). What a friend of mine observed about these holidays as they draw to a close is that […]

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Take a Stance on: An Australian Republic

Ah so the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting. I love a bit of good news. Sorry to hear that Kate is laid up with severe morning sickness (otherwise known as hyperemesis gravidarum otherwise known as spewing your guts up until you’re totally dehydrated). Morning sickness, for those who have not encountered it first hand, sucks large hairy balls. And what’s with the morning title? Mine would wake me […]

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