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ASHES TO ASHES (A Small Piece of Fiction)

Wendy Prebble felt a waft of rising rebellion in the close air. In the spirit of it, she ignored the waving tomato tendrils and left the stakes in the shed. “Hooray, they’re sick of the sight of you, those poor tomatoes” she could hear Eric say from his chair by the back door. “Shoosh your mouth,” she scolded back. “You’re dead don’t you know.” She stomped toward the house, then […]

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Some small and slightly irritating things that have been zinging around in my brain for a while that I just felt like organising and putting to bed. A lot like my children actually. 1) The Country Wave  This is what people do in the country when they drive past you, and they are powerful little gestures. Twice a week I walk 7 km around my district and I see an […]

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