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I am  a sentimental old fool. I never shun an opportunity for a decent wallow in nostalgia. Since the departure of both my grannies, this predilection for  wistful yearning has grown. The house is punctuated with bits and pieces inherited from my grandmothers (and by punctuated, I mean the sort of punctuation designed for pause –  commas, semi-colons and full-stops. I can’t walk along the hallway without having to stop […]

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Tonight my children asked me to tell them a story instead of reading one. So I just started off without thinking, just  to see where the story went and where we might all end up. “Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Meg who lived on a beautiful farm by the river with her Mum and her Dad and her sister.” “Is that you-Meg Mum?” Asked someone. “Yes. […]

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