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La La Laaaaaaa

I saw some teenagers being cruel to a woman in the street. They made horrible comments, laughed and jeered and then turned away without a second thought. She was middle aged, wearing a gold bomber jacket and her hair was a brilliant who-gives-a-fuck orange frizz. She was shorter than my ten year olds and her hands were clenched in little angry fists. But her face betrayed a dismay and embarrassment […]

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There is so much bad news. I’ve not commented on much of it because frankly I’ve been suffering from a caseĀ of can’t-stomach-it-head-in-sandness. I’ve been feeling a bit over-sensitive lately, I’m not totally sure why – overtired? Hormonal? Seasonally Affected (bloody Tassie winters)? Bad news burnout? All of the above? I know – poor me, call the waaaambulance. First world problems. I decided, when I teared up while watching The Bachelor […]

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