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When you’re hanging hubby’s stubbies on the hills hoist and you hear, A distant kookaburra and the call of “Wanna beer?” When the neighbour starts the mower up and Dad says he needs the lav,  And the smell of barbied lamb chops blends with nanna’s berry pav. ~ When your heels crack after having thongs on all the summer long, And down the local pub  you’ll find there’s Ferret, Shaz […]

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And Here It All Began

Something has been kind of trembling within my thoughts for a few weeks now, ever since a dinner party conversation afforded me some amazing news. I’ve been so astonished I haven’t quite known what to do with it. Just speaking in these grandiose tones is probably building it up way too much for everyone, but for me it is kind of huge. To explain why it’s so amazing to me, I have to give […]

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