In which I grumble and rumble in song form

Pondering On: AFTER THE FIRE

So I won’t go on about it anymore after this okay. It could be that everybody’s had about enough of bush fire talk and would like to just move on into normal territory thank you very much. And I don’t wan’t to wallow in it either. I’m more than ready for normal. But I do think it’s important to dwell a bit, to remember those who can’t move on, not […]

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The Christmas Song

To all my dear Megoracle supporters, friends and followers, 2012 isn’t over yet and there may well be more from me this year but I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting me and my lil’ old blog over the last 12 months (in case I get overwhelmed by the needs of my family and the mayhem that is year’s end). I’ve really and truly had […]

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Catch Up On: CANCER RESEARCH (Tasteless Song Alert)

I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at a Breast Cancer Research fundraiser – a night out/auction/raffle for Tassie women called Breasts Out for Research.┬áThis event has been running for quite a few years now and has raised well over $100,000 for breast cancer research. Pretty impressive for little old Tassie. It is the brain child of breast cancer survivor Nicole Darcy, who says it is her strong […]

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The Angry Song

Not so long ago, I posted a poem called “Eat Your Dinner”. I noted in my blog comments that sometimes I sing angry songs to the children at such times as they don’t eat their dinner. A few people commented that they’d like to hear an angry song. Well be careful what you wish for people because here it is (I’ll let the song speak for itself – there are […]

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Look Back On: Drowning

I know it seems a morbid subject, but ever since I found myself sitting on Tasmania’s memorial to the drowned (Tamanian Sefarer’s Memorial in Triabunna on Tasmania’s East Coast) a few years ago, I have thought a lot about the poor souls who have succumbed to the trap of water. Somehow – especially given my home is by a river on the coast of an island off the south coast […]

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