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Things I Learnt Today

So today was a shambles. In light of the horrific famine in Somalia and the tragic house fire in Queensland, I do hate to complain, but I am thinking I can reflect on the day, learn something from it and then not be too cross with my bogan children tomorrow. So firstly here is a precis of the day: Wake at 6:05 (too fucking early for this non-morning person) to […]

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Quick Q&A – Get Brainy in a Flash!

WHAT IS JIHAD? The “Greater Jihad” is the struggle to be a better person and a better Muslim to please Allah and to achieve an harmonious society. The “lesser Jihad” is Holy War when the faith is threatened. Jihad forms the basis of Al Qaeda ideology. WHO ARE THE TALIBAN? “Students of Islamic Knowledge Movement”. They ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until 2001 when they were ousted by the US military […]

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Take a Stance On: (AUSTRALIA’s) CARBON TAX

So I know I’m a dumbo but what is carbon tax exactly, other than a tax on carbon? Rightio, well it’s a tax of $23 per tonne of carbon pollution that goes into the atmosphere, payable by Australia’s top 500 polluters (so no, farty old Gramps won’t have to cough up on his trouser coughs). It is designed to hurl in energy use, change attitudes and reward clean energy use such […]

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I don’t mean to be so war oriented, it’s just that a few things have happened this week that make these particular wars relevant. Today is Vietnam Veteran’s Day and the 45th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan and until today I had heard of it but couldn’t say exactly what it was, which seems a terrible insult to the people involved, who must carry stuff like this with them […]

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(Megoracle’s First Post – insert stirring bugle music, or is it trumpet? Bugle is a funny word. Anyway…) As the last 33 Aussies are brought home from Iraq this week, it seems timely to catch up on the War in Iraq. It all ended officially with the withdrawal of the last US combat troops in August 2010.  Aussie combat troops left in 2009. These days, around 46,000 US troops are […]

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