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Take a Stance on: Asylum Seekers (by request)

October 2012 Update… It’s now two months since the Manus Island / Nauru solution was reinvented (see August update at the bottom of this post) and 3421 people have floated on over in 56 boats, including a record 2295 people seeking asylum last month. A total of 10,528 have arrived in Australia since January. It has been reported that numbers from Pakistan have decreased, while numbers of Iranians have remained […]

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Take a Stance On: (AUSTRALIA’s) CARBON TAX

So I know I’m a dumbo but what is carbon tax exactly, other than a tax on carbon?┬áRightio, well it’s a tax of $23 per tonne of carbon pollution that goes into the atmosphere, payable by Australia’s top 500 polluters (so no, farty old Gramps won’t have to cough up on his trouser coughs). It is designed to hurl in energy use, change attitudes and reward clean energy use such […]

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