In which I get intimate with history

A Million Stories

  Against the red of rising sun, A million stories, more Whisper to bring the years undone, Call back a dreadful underscore. ` Talk to me, I’m listening, Bring anger, tears and shame, Let your toils rise up and sing, Cry pain and shout your names. ` Today our peace is piercing, loud; Our comforts now abrasive As fury builds and sorrow shrouds For what you had to give. ` […]

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Look Back On: The Independence of East Timor

Things about East Timor.   Where is is again? East Timor (640km Northwest of Darwin) is the first new nation of this century and the third millennium – gaining independence on 20th May 2002. It is one of the only two Asian countries to be predominantly Roman Catholic (the other is the Philippines). It’s real name is Timor-Leste. It is 15,400 km in size It is an island in the Indonesian archipelago, which […]

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So I started thinking about revisiting the Rwandan genocide of 1994 (I wrote about it for the original (now old fashioned, newsletter style) Megoracle a few years ago), and then – as my life is a mosaic of synchronicity but that’s a weird story for another day – Rwanda popped up everywhere – on the telly, on the radio, on the internet (I stumbled across an organisation right here in […]

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I don’t mean to be so war oriented, it’s just that a few things have happened this week that make these particular wars relevant. Today is Vietnam Veteran’s Day and the 45th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan and until today I had heard of it but couldn’t say exactly what it was, which seems a terrible insult to the people involved, who must carry stuff like this with them […]

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(Megoracle’s First Post – insert stirring bugle music, or is it trumpet? Bugle is a funny word. Anyway…) As the last 33 Aussies are brought home from Iraq this week, it seems timely to catch up on the War in Iraq. It all ended officially with the withdrawal of the last US combat troops in August 2010.  Aussie combat troops left in 2009. These days, around 46,000 US troops are […]

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