In which I get all deep, a bit self-centred and occasionally bonkers

In My Dreams

I am going to write a book, Design a fashion line, I am going to study French, Create a sparkling wine. I’d really like to buy a horse And learn to figure skate, And oh I’d like to make a frame From bits of broken plate. I am going to learn to surf, And grow a veggie patch, Then I might see how I would do In a boxing match. […]

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A Motion for Browsing

I always have the urge to do poos when I’m in a book shop. Honestly, whenever I have trouble with the Big Jobs (which is pretty much every time I travel) I can just pop into a book shop and we’re in business. Only I need to ensure there’s an oval office very handy because it will happen very suddenly. Evidently this is not a phenomenon peculiar to me. Steve Vizad wrote in his memoir […]

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