In which I grumble and rumble about motherhood


Remember those late summer days, with the hum Of insects and shimmering heat and that sun That low golden, ‘I’m in love’ sun? Remember the songs we could hear in the trees, The scent of hot grass and the warm salted breeze, That thistledown-wish laden breeze? Remember the lemonade smile on your face, The knowing that we all belong in this place, This dearly-held, storybook place? Remember the stepping of […]

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Colour Me In

Will you colour me in, I feel a bit bland? Could you draw a big smile, Put a flower in my hand? Will you cover the tired You see in my eyes? Put some pink in my cheeks And some blue in my skies? I’d like a striped dress And a large yellow hat A polka dot purse And a fluffy white cat. Oh please colour me in, Your crayons […]

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In My Dreams

I am going to write a book, Design a fashion line, I am going to study French, Create a sparkling wine. I’d really like to buy a horse And learn to figure skate, And oh I’d like to make a frame From bits of broken plate. I am going to learn to surf, And grow a veggie patch, Then I might see how I would do In a boxing match. […]

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Muuu-uuuuum? – Answer those questions.

Most of the time I just lose patience with relentless (and tricky) questions. Here is a sample (with my almost 2 year old): Me: Don’t touch, it’s hot. Lu: Why?  Me: Because it’s just been cooked? Lu: Why? Me: Because we can’t eat it raw. Lu: Why? Me: Because it would be bad for you. Lu: Why? Me: Because there are nasties in uncooked foods – bugs and stuff. Lu: […]

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Things I Learnt Today

So today was a shambles. In light of the horrific famine in Somalia and the tragic house fire in Queensland, I do hate to complain, but I am thinking I can reflect on the day, learn something from it and then not be too cross with my bogan children tomorrow. So firstly here is a precis of the day: Wake at 6:05 (too fucking early for this non-morning person) to […]

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