Bad News, Good News, Excellent news, Cheerful News

Here’s the bad news.

I won’t be writing here at anymore. Given that I haven’t really been writing here for a very long time, it’s not really bad news at all. Not even really news, strictly speaking.

I’ve loved, loved writing here for my modest following of gorgeous megoracle readers. This blog and all you guys (for those who haven’t given up on me and moved on to better informed, less typo-ridden sources) has been a delight. Megoracle marks a precious time in my life during which (wanky writer-speak alert) I found myself again after having babies and developed my voice as a writer. Here I put that voice to work, exercised its quirks and boundaries, sang out about domestic life and investigated all sorts of stories. I vented, huffed, harrumphed and experimented until I was brave enough to write a book. And then another book.

But now, due to said books and the desire to write more of them, three children whose combined schedules leave me breathless, a husband who would quite like to talk to me now and again and a life largely spent unpacking the car, I am officially taking the Mego out of megoracle. And ‘racle’ doesn’t have much of a ring to it. (No one calls me Mego so that quip doesn’t really work. Leaving it in for now, might delete later.)

Here’s the good news.

I will leave my megoracle suspended here in cyber-space, unedited, unabridged and undignified, so that anyone can access the work I’ve put here over the years. There may even be times when I sneak back in and add something to it. Probably not but I don’t want to rule it out. People talk about their ‘happy place’, megoracle will always be one of mine. I can’t remove the option of returning to seek refuge within its pages.

Here’s the excellent news.

I have got myself a shiny new website which will showcase my books and what I’m up to, and how you can get in touch with me if you have a good fart joke or something.

Here’s the cheerful news.

You can come with me! My new website will feature a link in which you can subscribe to my SPARKLY NEW NEWSLETTER, which is called ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ (name inspired by Nina Stibbe’s wonderful book). This monthly newsletter will be filled with stuff that makes me smile or feel inspired/encouraged/pleased/thrilled or has me rolling around on the floor laughing. It might be a little bit more grown up than megoracle. (It won’t.)

So please, if you’d still like to hear that voice I keep banging on about, skip on over to and click on the subscribe button to receive my monthly letter of cheery news direct to your inbox and in yo face. I have a privacy policy and all, so your details are safe (see grown up, except that I just said, ‘in yo face’).

Please, invite your friends to my website too. Full disclosure, I’d like to grow my readership so I can keep doing what I’m doing and maybe sell a few more books. But also I really, genuinely enjoy sharing stuff that makes me cheerful. Lordy knows we all need a bit of a cheer-up now and again.

Disclaimer: In the newsletter I’ll refrain from capitalist fuckwittery and ill-informed judgments but I will most definitely swear.

Thank you for putting up with my sporadic silliness over the years.

It’s goodbye from megoracle and hello to megbignell. Hope to see you there! XOX

Toodle-pip but not goodbye.

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