Dear Megoracle Friends,

I am writing to share the unfathomable news that TODAY (dum-di-dum) my novel came off the printing presses (if that’s what they still use for printing books), into boxes, out the door and into the hands of my publisher. Hip hip horatio and all his happy friends.

This means that I have to stop waking in the night to wonder whether I could have worded something better, or whether I should have included that sentence or cut that paragraph because it’s DONE and DUSTED (dusted in gold sparkles, as it happens). No more tweaking, twiddling, fussing, fiddling, sweating, swearing and talking to my laptop screen.

Actually there’s still the usual levels of swearing. And quite a lot of sweating, because printed means that soon people might buy it and read it and hopefully love it but possibly not like it much and maybe even hate it. Or ignore it altogether. And even though my character and all that she thinks and does is a work of fiction, I feel a little guilty that her intimate diary will be revealed to one and all.

It’s all a very strange feeling. Good strange. Fantastic strange. Scary strange. Strange strange.

Anyway, the book is called THE SPARKLE PAGES, it’s OUT ON APRIL 16 and it looks like this:


And if you were to pick it up off the shelf and read the blurb on the back, it would tell you this:

Susannah Parks – wife, mother, cleaner of surfaces and runner of household – is a viola virtuoso. Except she hasn’t picked up a viola for over a decade. She has, however, picked up a lot of Lego, socks, wet towels and other exhibits of mundanity. She has also picked up on the possibility that her husband has lost interest in her. (And frankly, she’s not very interested in Susannah Parks either.) But this year, she has resolved to be very interesting. Also thoughtful, useful, cheerful, relevant, self-sufficient, stylish, alluring and intelligent.

It says other things too. If you click here you can find out what. (And see a picture of me with a strangely fluffed hair-do because I had tried to make an effort with one of those straightening irons that are meant to be tho thimple look just flip and thlide and you have perfect waves and I got all tangled up and sweaty but had no time for plan B). And if you do some more clickety-clicking you might accidentally pre-order it which would be pleasing.

OR if you happen to be in Hobart on the late afternoon of April the 13th, you could come along to my BOOK LAUNCH and get yourself a copy there. I’ll have more details about that soon but just know it there will be books and sparkly things and sparkling of the bubbly variety. I’ll be there too.

And if you still have time, and would like to see me with my normal hair, some lovely calves (the moo’ing ones, not the lower legs) and a story about milk, friendship, farming and writing, you can have a look at the this episode of Landline on ABC i-view.

This is a LOT of self promotion isn’t it. I’m making myself queasy. But you know, when I think of the energy, love, sweat, tears, angst, joy, laughter and hours I’ve poured into this book, I feel it deserves a little push. I’m proud of it after all.

Oh! And there’s the audiobook too. Last month I spent four days in a small Melbourne studio reading my book to a microphone, a glass of water and some musk sticks (and a very patient director – it took me multuiple takes to read the word ‘scrotum’ without laughing). I have a wee snippet for you here, if you’re interested (no scrotums in this bit):

That really is it from me now. I wanted to give you all, as my original readers, all the news.

Stay sparkly, drink your milk, lots of love,

Meg xx

PS Big thanks to Penguin Random House for getting my book to the printers and out again. Especially Nikki, Ali, Amanda, Lou and Louisa. And Holly for audiobook support XXXXXX


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9 replies

  1. Hooray, well done, and congrats!!! Frankly, you can self-promote your socks off Meg. You thoroughly deserve it. Can’t wait to meet a Real Live Author (that’s you) at the launch. xo Maggie

  2. Hello. I am reading your book and loving it! As I sometimes do I google you and found this blog and read a bit. Re Dyslexia- have you heard of Lindamood Bell for teaching children with auditory dyslexia how the sounds feel in their mouth. For our daughter it was like seeing a light switch turn on a few months into the training. It is a big commitment as parents go to lessons too. My daughter Sophie is now 36 and doing outstandingly well as a result….though she is smart anyway!

    Keep writing!


    • Margie thank you so much for this message. I’ve never heard of Lindamood Bell. But I will look into it. So well done on getting Sophie through, it’s such a tough road sometimes but so worth it. My son is in year seven now and though he struggles every day with school work, he is happy and well supported, so much better off than many. Thanks again for your message, and for reading TSP! X

  3. Hi Meg, I have never contacted an author to compliment them on a book before but I just had to write and say how very much I enjoyed your Sparkle Pages! What a delightful book. I laughed and cried my way through it and just loved every bit of it. Please write more, and write quickly! I want more. And I definitely want more Ria xo

    • Dear Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your message, and for reading The Sparkle Pages. Your note came at the perfect time as I’m drowning in a rewrite of my second book, wondering what on earth I’m doing and why. So thank you, I got a lovely little boost. Thanks again. Meg XXX

  4. Hi Meg, like others before me I too found this page after reading your book! I borrowed it from the library here in Melbourne and gosh it hit me where I least expected it. Thanks for writing such a gorgeous, honest book that made me feel uncomfortable, sad and optimistic all together. About to embark on a few life changes myself and am definitely going to channel a little Ria & Susannah x

  5. Meg, I finished reading the Sparkle pages at 3am, crying and smiling at the same time, I loved it! As a mum who has lost herself a little bit behind the job title, this book has inspired me to keep looking for the right note, I can’t wait for the next one!

    • Sinead thank you so much this is so lovely to hear. I missed your message until now so I do apologise for the late reply. I hope you’re well. I love your messge, keep searching for the right note! It changes all the time but it’s there. X

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