I have something vitally important  to say about the brain. Brains – as miraculous, wonderful and incredible as they are – can’t speak for themselves, so I am compelled to speak for them.

  1. Brains get cancer. 
  2. Brains are a lot uglier than boobs but that doesn’t mean we should ignore brain cancer research. 

November is walk for brain cancer month and so I am going to walk up a mountain with a dear friend, stand on the summit and shout, “BRAIN CANCER RESEARCH NEEDS YOUR DOLLARS!” I know that every day is something day and every month is something month and that people are always saying gimme your heard earned blahdy blah. But let me say why I’m putting my feet into this cause.

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia and more people under 40 than any other disease. 1600 people are diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia every year. Only 2 in 10 of these people will survive for five years. And yet very little its known about brain cancer, what causes it and how to treat the bastard.

I mean all cancers are pricks and I know it’s impossible to throw your cash at all of them but I have a personal vendetta against this arsehole because it took my best friend’s dad. He was a humble and private man; I grew up with his quiet, gentle presence (ever tolerant of the noisy, angsty antics of clutches of teens that made themselves at home under his roof) and I am more than pissed off that he and his gorgeous family had to endure the ravages and cruelties of this disease. And in the end, the searing loss.

He didn’t ask for much of the world. He loved rowing, cars, his shack, his home state and his family. He had explored much of Tasmania both on the road and on foot. He was strong and fit enough to fend off brain cancer once before. The second time around, he chose not to revisit the debilitating effects of the limited, relatively unrefined treatments on offer. He died almost two years ago, on Christmas Day 2015, cushioned to the end by the incredible love of his wife and four children.

He never got to climb Hartz Peak in the Tasmania’s south, though he always meant to. So we’re doing it for him. And here’s where I say, please sponsor us. PLEASE!! Please get behind our efforts to give this hideous fuckwit of a disease a bit more notoriety. Help the scientists find ways to kick its sorry arse. Here’s the link – clickety click click. Any amount welcome.

Thank you in advance. xxx



The View From Hartz Mountain



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