Whingey Wednesday

I’m regularly disillusioned about things on a Tuesday morning. I blame ABC’s Four Corners on Monday nights.

This week the disillusionment has leached into Wednesday.

Last week it was the terrible reality that there is a rogue black market for the dumping of shitloads of rubbish in the Hawskbury region of NSW. Also that it’s far cheaper to buy new glass products than to recycle glass, and that there are mountains and mountains of glass piling up and we should all be questioning our local councils about where our rubbish and recycling is going.


Stockpiled glass – enough for a skyscraper?

I’m ashamed to say that I’m too afraid to ask. I have heard rumours over the years that I’m wasting my time cleaning out the bean tins, but to know this for sure would send me into a soapboxy flap and into an investigative mode I don’t have the stomach strength for. And I’ve been very busy trying to think what to do with all that glass (surely the building industry could alchemy it into skyscrapers? Note for the Fragrance Group – perhaps people would feel better(ish) about a skyscraper in Hobart if it were made out of recycled materials).

And now, a whole new level of downcastery has been achieved after this week’s Four Corners. It was reported that the Greens are in disarray and being nasty to one another. Whaaaat? Are they the ones meant to be sorting out the rubbish crisis, sorting out the wombats and saving the world? They’re not meant to be squabbling and fucking up their focus and hurling themselves into disunity like normal politicians. They’re meant to be hurling themselves in front of the rubbish trucks and dozers and being generally superhuman, not all human and agenda pushing. They’re only meant to have one agenda – the common good. They’re the goodies. Not the funny hopeless goodies from the telly (don’t we all miss Tim, Graham and Bill though; and they didn’t have factions) but the purposeful productive goodies. The ones standing strong together against the baddies. To hear about rifts and threats and sabotage is very, very disillusioning. Next we’ll be hearing that they get lids on their coffees and don’t wrap their lunches in beeswax cloth.


Can you save us Tim, Graeme and Bill? 

In brief (from what I have gleaned): the NSW Greens party have, since the party’s genesis over thirty years ago, contained a faction that is more on the commie side of left. Over the years, this faction – with Senator Lee Rhiannon at the helm – have been more inclined to oppose capitalism than to support environmentalism. Senator Rhiannon has built herself a reputation dating back to the days of Bob Brown’s leadership for blocking decisions and being generally anti-everything.

Please get it together Greens. We need you to keep your shit together.

Also (while I’m worrying about the future of the world), I appreciate the extreme intelligence and amazing technology going into the progression of robotics, but I really hope there is someone with more common sense than brains hanging about the robotic labs, because WE ARE OVERPOPULATED PEOPLE, there are enough people, please don’t make pretend ones. You have to make sure you create jobs as fast if nor faster than you obliterate jobs. If your robots improve the wellbeing of minority groups and disadvanged, go for gold you geeks, but if they serve to speed up economic growth and fill the pockets of the corporations, then STEP AWAY FROM THE ALLEN KEY (ok so robotic engineers probably don’t use allen keys but you know). The world is soulless enough surely. I mean, the Melbourne trams really lost something when the men with their ticket bags and hole punches got replaced by machines, just saying.


In other news (for fuck’s sake), this morning I heard that you can get cheeseburger flavoured French fries. What the very fuck?

AND, and and – Not one of my children will dress up as a fart for book week. Children are such disappointments.

I’m in a funk. Might go and plant a tree.

Here’s a baby hedgehog:


PS I’ve stopped recycling glass jars and started collecting them. Please send me your best preserving ideas before my pantry turns into a glass warehouse. Thank you x


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  1. I suspect Tim was a Tory, Bill on the left and Graham left holding the democratic centre. Fuck it, bring back the Australian Democrats. They did a great job of keeping the bastards honest.

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