Sue the Cow, a Song

While the boys were out we wrote a song. Actually we wrote two songs. One is called “My Dog Is Like A Unicorn” and was mostly written by Bess. This one is called, “Sue The Cow”.

I didn’t mean for this to become a protest post of any sort, nor did we set out to write a profoundly moooving activist song, but in light of the dairy crisis and our contracted milk prices coming in at crap dollars per litre as a result of a number of factors (laws of commodity, delayed reactions from multinational dairy companies, supermarket bottom lines and other low acts) I thought I’d post it. It’s very stirring, probably quite homogenising in fact when it comes to blending the cow/milk lovers with the haters.

If Sue the Cow could talk, I think she’d tell everyone to get behind our dairy farmers, buy branded milk, eat more dairy and support local produce. But she can’t, so I’ll speak for her. Here’s her song. (Thanks to my daughters for their creative input and support throughout the composition process).



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