I posted this song a while ago but then it disappeared. Maybe wordpress has some kind of moderation process in which crappy stuff gets ditched, or maybe there’s a ghostie in my laptop. Speaking of, I just that second splashed a large mouthful of wine on my keyboard, which may well contribute to misbehaving ghosties, disappearing posts and lost data.

The wine is a little consolation-celebration for the beginning of the summer holidays, which is what I am whingeing about today (I can’t remember what I was grizzling about in that lost post, but anyway, luckily I always have a grizzle handy to go with a whingey song). I’m not really that grumpy about holidays. There’ll be lovely bits in between children crying bored and arguing and creating mess. For now, I’m facing a swathe of end-of-school detritus and that annual showcase of what’s been going on during the school year and the dilemma of whether to then chuck the lot in the wheelie bin or keep it for future showcases.

It’s a small problem, and one I am, deep down, pleased to have. My children are able to go to school, they have resources and abilities and lovely teachers (thank you Miss M, Mrs W, Mr R and Mrs V), but I guess I’m putting a big whinge out there now at the very start of the holidays in anticipation of the inevitable whinges that will follow.   `

So here we go (again), I’ll be interested to see if this post goes AWOL again.




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