Fucked Up Friday

There are some truly fucking fucked up people in the world aren’t there. And if you feel offended by my language then stop reading now probably because I might get more fucking colourful on account of those fuckers who do stuff like shoot lions and other fucking fucked up stuff way more offensive than saying fuck a bit lot.

I’m grumpy and may or may not be a few days shy of my (fucking) period. Just putting it out there in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m better than I was yesterday though, yesterday there was lost shit all over the joint. Sometimes it’s good to lose some shit, othertimes it just makes a mess. Anyway…

I don’t pay as much attention to the news as I used to, on account of not having enough time between parenting and being a submerging writer and rockstar (you’re emerging until you’re 40 and hormonal and then you’re more than likely submerging, but I’m ok with that, I’ll still send my random bubbles to the surface in case one of them flies instead of fucking popping). But this week I couldn’t help but get a whiff of certain bits of very fucking stinky news.

Adam Goodes not playing this weekend. 

I don’t give a flying fuck who wins the AFL and whether the Swans are worse off without Adam Goodes this weekend, but I really really care that it appears people have booed him out of his footy boots. I care that he must be feeling really shit and that racism has a lot to do with it. I fucking hate racism, and I don’t buy the argument that the relentless boo’ing of Adam Goodes has nothing to do with racism. Here’s why I think there’s boo’ing happening:

1) The boo’ing has become a thing. Everyone is talking about it and there is a great mass of mindless fuckwits in the crowd who think it’s funny to throw fuel on the fire. They have safety in their fuckwit numbers and I don’t think they even know why they’re boo’ing anymore other than they “think it’s (guffaw) fuckin’ funny”. Until this all dies down, they will continue their fucking idiot bully bogan behavior. So let’s hurry up with the condemnation of these boo’ing bastards and then ignore the fuck out of them.

2) People feel intimidated by Goodsey’s war dance. Oh you poor darlings, are you tewwified by a great big scary imaginary spear? Oh give me a fucking break. Yes it’s an aggressive gesture, but isn’t the whole tackling someone to the ground or jumping on their shoulders to get a ball thing kind of aggressive? Isn’t the whole football, roaring crowd, fist pumping, buggered hammy culture kind of intimidating? Throw a bit of indigenous pride in there and fans suddenly get all “gasp, how dare he”. And while we’re on aggression (and because I bloody well can dig up the past don’t mess with me and my hormones), wasn’t there are fair bit of aggression going on when us vanilla-ites arrived here and fucked everything up for our indigenous people? Personally, I feel a surge of pride on behalf of all Aborigines when I watch Goodsey (and later Lewis Jetta) do the dance, and let’s be honest, a healthy dose of arousal. Do I support the whole Swans team doing the war dance? Fucking oath I do, what a fantastic bit of spectatory that would be.

PERTH, AUSTRALIA - JULY 26: Lewis Jetta of the Sydney Swans celebrates his goal with an Indigenous Dance during the 2015 AFL round 17 match between the West Coast Eagles and the Sydney Swans at Domain Stadium, Perth, Australia on July 26, 2015. (Photo by Daniel Carson/AFL Media)

Lewis Jetta showing his manhood (with very nearly a bit of bonus manhood if you don’t mind) – Photo by Daniel Carson

And if people say that the footy ground isn’t an appropriate place for making such statements, well I say, of course it fucking is. Any public platform that can flag deep seated social wrongs, condemn unkindness and promote tolerance and kindness in the mainstream is entirely appropriate. You know how theatre is used to hold a mirror up to society, make people think? Well think of this as theatre for fuckwits who don’t go to the theatre.

3) Adam Goodes stood up to racism. When a 13 year old girl called Adam Goodes an ‘ape’, he pointed her out to security and had her evicted from the MCG in front of the sporting nation and later (via the media) to the rest of us. People came down on Goodes like a tonne of shit for targeting and ‘victimising’ a ‘powerless girl’. The fact that this girl is only 13 and allegedly didn’t know that what she’d said was racist only supports the view that racism is a deep seated problem in Australia. If he’d ignored her and walked away saying nothing, would he been seen as a ‘good bloke?’ How many other indigenous people walk away from racism for fear of being turned into the bad guy? To say Goodes was ‘victimising’ this girl is complete fucking bullshit. Immediately after the incident, in his statement to the media, Goodes declared,

“It’s not her fault…I don’t blame her..it’s what she hears, the environment she’s grown up in…she would have no idea how (this) makes anyone feel…the person that needs the most support now is the little girl…people need to get around her…”

Every racist-driven incident needs a stand, especially if we get to see war dances and beautiful Nicky-Winmar-esque torsos.

Cecil the Lion gets killed by Walter Cocksucking dentist Fuckhead Palmer

I know everyone knows how awful this is. I don’t really need to add my two cents worth but I’m hormonal and this story has me in tears. I mean FUCK. Cecil, for those who don’t know, was a famous Zimbabwean lion who was head of a pride of about 22 lions. He was and major attraction of a the Hwange National Park and was being tracked by Oxford University as part of a large study involving African Lions.

He was also being tracked – unbeknownst to him clearly – by Walter Knobhead Palmer, who had apparently paid $50,000 to shoot a lion. He wounded Cecil with an arrow and two days later shot him with a rifle, skinned and beheaded him. He has since uttered regret at shooting such a well loved Lion. Of fuck off Walter, don’t shoot ANY lion. African Lions are endangered you FUCKHEAD. You just regret the bad press your’re getting.


You know what else Walter Palmer? It is probable that Cecil’s 12 cubs will be killed by the incoming head of pride lion, in order to create his own bloodlines. That’s the way of African Lions. You’ve likely killed a whole family of lions you STINKING EXCUSE for a HUMAN. Pour your tooth-pulling fortunes into the safeguarding of this amazing species and right your wrongs and maybe karma will forgive you.

Here’s another idea – while the world makes a fuss about Cecil, Zimbabwe itself is in economic meltdown – there are water shortages, no electricity and no jobs. Do something to help them Walter, with your perfect fucking sneery smile. If you’re really sorry, bloody well show it.

Jeez, why can’t people just be kind?

Here’s some GOOD NEWS, from the Good News Network… A man who had his son’s organs donated years ago has received the same gift from a recipient’s son. How’s that for Karma?

It’s Donate Life Week next week too so this is a great way to be kind – become an organ donor #havethechat #donatelife

You know your organs and tissues Walter?  Register to donate the shit out of them.

In more good news, I had a clear pap smear, which gets that scrapey shit out of the way for another two years hallelujah. If you’re overdue go and book that fucker now. NOW. Love your cervix.

Sorry if there are hormones-passion driver errors, I have no time for editing as I have to get to yoga.

Be kind. x

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16 replies

  1. It’s been a horrible week for humanity hasn’t it? All of the arguments to support racist bullying are ridiculous – have any of them been to an All Blacks rugby union match? They would shit themselves. An ENTIRE team does a war dance – right in front of the crowd and the opposing team. Funnily enough, booing doesn’t feature! Funny that. As for that idiot Palmer – honestly, there are no words other than I seriously hope Karma is a real thing!! Great post.

  2. You are my new hero

  3. Ah Meg. My mum died two days ago and for the first time since that event, you have made me smile. Your honesty is as brave as my mum and I love that you swear with such brazen clarity. Hormones or no! Adam Goodes is the best thing to happen in order to nail racists to the mast of their own ignorance.
    F****** with you all the way!

    • Oh Prue I’m so sorry. Clare mentioned this to me yesterday on Facebook and I’ve been thinking of you. Lost my Mum’s Mum (and Unc Dick’s) earlier in the year. Sad days. Tell them well, I know you can. Thank you for your support of my rants. x

  4. You’re beautiful when you’re angry…
    Great that you loved Jetta pointing the bone (almost) at the crowd! Standing up for himself indeed!
    Raging hormones indeed… and trust your cervix will get more than just self-love!

  5. Couldn’t agree more and I doubt I could have expressed my opinions so eloquently!

  6. We so enjoy your narrative Meg!! Prue says its best, you are brave and honest and the swearing goes practically unnoticed by us when it’s this passionate and related to such valid arguments. It has most definitely been a shit week. The excuses made for these fuckwits, on both issues is just mind boggling. Was slightly disappointed you didn’t throw Bronwyn Bishop under the bus as well, although she did a spectacular job of that herself.
    Keep up the funnies…
    Get through the weekend, we’re in sync on that monthly debacle.

    • Thanks Mo. xxx Yes mind boggling. Re Bronwyn, yes she deserves a right serve. I feel she’s on a different spectrum of fuckwittery though, and yes, she did a pretty good job of getting under the bus. Always a treat to hear from you. Good luck with monthlies. xxx

  7. Meg, your not hormonal……well, maybe a little fucking bit…….but hey, YOU GO GIRL! All of us think this about those bastards, but you stand up and say it! Well done, it breaks my heart to read…..and i can barely look at the pics of Cecil….that someone could be so fucking shallow to find it such a pleasure to hunt down a shoot such a beautiful creature! These assholes call it sport…..nope, if they want sport and adrenalin…..how bout they grow balls and make the hunt fair…….go out and hunt them with a spear…..give the animals a fighting chance, meet them fairly….not with a high powered rife!!! and see how that goes for them…..the lion will be the one taking the ‘trophy pictures’ and that i will applaude and take great delight in posting all over the Web!
    As for Adam Goods, hes proud that he is of aboriginal descent, he feels he wants to show that pride and good on him! The 13 yr old girls parents need to answer for ‘her’ actions and so does the crowd! It is pure and simple ‘BULLYING’ on a major scale! And i HATE bullies!

    But what i would like to see is a dance that incorpereates every race and religion, that we can all do as one! I dont care if your black, white, purple or green, we all have a heart beat, feelings and breath oxygen! We are all equal and we should all be a part of ‘one world wide team’!! We should love each other for the human beings we are, for the emotions we have and for the love we can give! Im proud of my origins, all be it Pom and Irish…..but i think a lot of the worlds anger is that we ‘white folk’ so to speak, actually dont ‘have a dance of passion’ or the like to show our pride! So human nature is to begrudge those who do! Sad but true! So one dance, one world! Love everyone for who they are…….not what origin they are! How nice, loving and peaceful would the be!

  8. Meg, I just love your mind!!

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